Coagulation therapy

A GP or dermatologist often will not treat innocent small skin irregularities as their cosmetic consideration. These blemishes, whoever are often easy to remove.

At Nina K’s clinic, we take our time for such treatments, resulting in a precise, high quality outcome. We can easily and quickly remove small, harmless skin defects such as stalks and barley grains with a pointed warm electrode or a sharp ring.

Ideal for removing:

  • Blood vessels (cherry angiomas)
  • Steel wrats (fibroids)
  • Old-age warts (verruca seborrhoica)
  • Black or brown bumps (papulose nigra)
  • Barley grains (milia)


  • Fast & Effective
  • The treatment is felt only slightly
  • In most cases, the skin will repair itself within one week.