Does your skin look unusually red? Is it exceptionally dry and tight? Do you notice red spots and spider-like webs buried underneath your skin? You could have a skin condition known as Couperose. Often this is hereditary; skin that is structurally thin and sensitive with weak capillary walls will contribute to Couperose skin, but also your environment. Exposing to harsh cold, windy, or extremely hot weather, can also contribute to the condition. Besides abrupt temperature changes, other factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, sunburn, consumption of corticosteroids, and menopause can cause it.

The best treatment for Couperose skin is found to be intense pulsed light (IPL). IPL is a fast and effective way of treating redness and visible blood vessels on the face. A series of treatments usually results in marked improvement of redness and blood vessels on the face. The light absorbed by the target converts into heat which destroys the target structure but not the surrounding tissues. Our board-certified therapists are experts at treating Couperose using IPL and topical skin treatments such as Coagulation therapy, Peeling, Micro-needling, and LED therapy.

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