Electrolysis hair-removal

Electrolysis is the best and the only reliable method to permanently remove grey and white hairs. The electric current passes through the shaft of the hair and destroys the growing cells of the hair follicle to that the hair does not grow again. Electrolysis is conducted by a skilled specialist and is a very precise work. At Nina K, we have the latest and fastest technology to work more efficiently and guarantee permanent results for all types of hair – even grey, white and other light hair! Our Apilus Pro machine is the most advanced electrolysis machine worldwide and allows for the least painful treatments.

How does Electrolysis work?

A very fine sterile wire called a probe or needle is inserted into the tiny opening of the follicle. The insertion is not felt because of the follicle opening. Once the probe is inserted properly down the follicle, the current is released to destroy hair cells. The hair cells control the development of the hair, either making it coarser, lighter, thinner, etc. Once the hair cells have been totally eliminated, the hair follicle has no ability to regenerate hair. After current is released to eliminate hair cells, the electrologist removes the unwanted hair with sterile forceps. At Beauty Institute Nina K, we use only sterile disposable probes for your protection.

Does it hurt?

The sensation is equivalent to a pin prick or like a sudden burst of heat. Most people are pleasantly surprised when the sensation is not as bad as they imagined it would be. Tolerance levels are different from person to person. The only way to find out how you tolerate it is to try it.

Is it really permanent?

Yes. The probe makes direct contact with the cells that create hair. Without this direct contact by the probe the cells will not be destroyed, and the hair will return.

How much will it cost?

The cost of each treatment is determined by minute increments, starting with a minimum of 15-minutes. The length of time needed per treatment is determined by the area size being treated, and how many hairs there are per square cm. The amount of treatment time needed can only be determined after the area has been seen by the skin therapist. Consultations for electrolysis are always free at Nina K, to discuss a treatment plan that works for you.