Mesotherapy Rotterdam

Mesotherapy by a skin expert in Rotterdam

Are you interested in mesotherapy in Rotterdam? At skin clinic Nina K, we provide your skin with the right nutrients with our MCT injector, quickly and comfortably. Depending on the ingredients, we can rejuvenate your skin or stimulate hair growth in the scalp – also by men! Cellulite, stretch marks and scars can also be treated efficiently with this technique. For more information, contact us. Or make an online appointment for mesotherapy in Rotterdam.

Why mesotherapy at Nina K?

At Nina K you will be treated by certified skin experts with our state-of-the-art MCT injector. We personalize the treatment to your skin for optimal results! Make an appointment for mesotherapy at our clinic in Rotterdam and be assured of:

  • a personalized approach;
  • skincare based on your needs;
  • treatment for any skin concern;
  • 15+ years of experience;
  • innovative skincare solutions.

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Mesotherapy injects your skin with nutrients

Mesotherapy is a medical specialty in which the skin is injected with vitamins, serums and natural extracts to stimulate cell activity. Depending on the ingredients injected, mesotherapy can rejuvenate the skin and stimulate hair growth in the scalp. The results are lasting, but the effects of natural aging cannot be completely stopped. For this, you will need to make more appointments at our skin clinic in Rotterdam.

In addition, apart from skin rejuvenation and stimulating hair growth in the scalp, this technique can also be used to treat cellulite, stretch marks and scars.

Skin treatment with modern MCT injector

In our skin clinic in Rotterdam, we provide mesotherapy using our state-of-the-art MCT injector. This device allows us to quickly and comfortably deliver nutrients into the skin. Depending on the condition we treat, several treatments may be required. After a thorough skin analysis, our skin experts can give you a clear estimate of the number of treatments you need and the expected effects. This will also provide you with a clear estimation of the costs.

Make an appointment for mesotherapy in Rotterdam

Are you still interested in mesotherapy in Rotterdam? Then schedule an appointment online at your preferred time. Would you like more information about this skin treatment? About our methods? Or do you have another question? Feel free to contact us. Call to 0619158377 or send an email to