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Nina K: skin specialist in Rotterdam

Are you looking for a skilled skin specialist in Rotterdam for medical or cosmetic skin treatment? Then Nina K is definitely the place to be! We combine our knowledge of beauty with innovative skin treatments. And we personalize the treatment specifically to your skin for optimal results. Better skin will boost your self-confidence! Don’t let skin problems ruin your life, because we can make your skin shine again. Call us to learn more or to make an appointment in Rotterdam.

Why visit skin specialist Nina K?

Skin specialist Nina K in Rotterdam offers both cosmetic and medical skin treatments. The combination of beauty and innovative skin treatments does not only ensure stunning results now, but also guarantees beautiful and healthy skin in the future. Make an appointment with our skin specialist and be assured of:

  • a personalized approach;
  • skincare based on your needs;
  • treatment for any skin concern;
  • 15+ years of experience;
  • innovative skincare solutions.

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Skin of the Future

Skin specialist for both cosmetic and medical treatments

Beautiful, healthy skin does miracles for your appearance and self-confidence. The skin experts of Nina K personalize the treatment to your skin for the best results. Our innovative methods make beautiful and healthy skin accessible to everyone. As skin specialists in Rotterdam, we are specialized in both beauty and innovative medical skin treatments. This combination ensures amazing results. Not only do you benefit from this now, but also in the future.

Personalized skin treatments in Rotterdam

Are you bothered by a skin problem? Anyone in Rotterdam who is looking for the right skin treatment can come to our skin specialist, including men! We make a personal treatment plan for you. And, if necessary, perform an extensive skin analysis to get to know your skin better. This provides us with information that cannot be observed with the naked eye, such as your DNA and the amount of elastin and collagen in the skin. With this information, we can personalize the treatment entirely to your needs and skin. This ensures that our skin treatments are extremely effective.

Contact skin specialist Rotterdam

Are you experiencing a skin problem? Or do you just want to take good care of your skin? Make an appointment at skin specialist Nina K in Rotterdam. With the right skin treatment we ensure a healthy, radiant skin, now and in the future! Call to 0619158377 or send an email to