Meet NINA K.

A Trailblazing Beauty and Skincare Visionary

With over 15 years shaping the landscape of fashion through iconic names like Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood, Nina K clinched the coveted 2005 Netherlands Best Makeup Artist accolade. Her journey evolved into seamlessly merging skincare and beauty solutions.

In 2008, she spotted a void in skincare – not just skin issues, but a lack of clarity in understanding one’s own skin DNA and finding personalized, sustainable solutions for the future. Thus, was born ‘Skin of the Future’: Advanced beauty and skin care solutions clinic based in Rotterdam for your now and your future.

Nina K’s mission is crystal clear: igniting confidence through luminous and healthy skin. Her team conquers everything from acne to rejuvenation and longevity, fueled by unwavering passion.